Conclusion To Everything

September 15, 2006

I started this whole summer of DC thing because I thought I was going to be really depressed and needed the support (DC really does mean a lot to me for reasons I have discussed with my friends and probably the wider world on my blog). What I found this summer was a job I liked and so it wasn’t as bad I as expected.

Still it was nice to get to see all the episodes and to see how it all ends. My timing worked out great. I move back tomorrow so I watched the last disc or so like today but there were lull and full on periods over the entire summer. All in all I think it worked out roughly along the timetable I originally thought, spreading it all out over the entire summer.

As for the show, it’s amazing. The ending? Yeah, it was great. Quite shocking. I mean, Jen actually died. It was interesting to see it leap into the future and not be some kind of dream or something.

Joey and Pacey ending up together. I didn’t think there was much foreground for that. Is it ok then ended up together? I guess so although Dawson and Joey are the real soulmates. I think I wish Dawson and Pacey had been a back on great “best friend” terms as well but it’s all good. It really was a beautiful ending.

So this is it, done. Chris signing off. The blog has been more for me than anyone else. I enjoyed keeping it and charting the events. It’s been an amazing ride and I hope you all enjoy the show as much as I do.


Conclusion to season 6

September 15, 2006

Wow, powerful series. I hadn’t seen the end episodes so it was great to see stuff that I hadn’t witnessed before. It was powerful stuff too, I had lumps in my throat at the end of several of the later episodes. All in all it was a good series.

At the end they concentrated on what it’s all about. The five friends. As much as Audrey is cool and all, I don’t feel like she is a main character. She was in it for two years which was a third of it but still it just didn’t feel right. And Andie coming back but only at the end was nice because really it’s all about Dawson, Pacey, Joey, Jen and Jack.

624 …Must Come To An End

September 15, 2006

Aww, Jen is doing a video for her daughter.

Aww, it’s the footage used in the title sequence (or at least some of it) from the origoinal series. I think they shot a lot of it and this is the stuff they didn’t use. Dawson had such cool hair back then. And he looks so young.

Jack called Jen “Swan Song.” That’s a reference to episode 523 to which “Swan Song” was the title.

It’s Andie!

Aww, Jack said he will raise the baby. Aww, Jack said Jen is his soulmate.

Aww, Jen is dead :(.

Aww, Doug said he loves Jack!

Aww, Dawson and Joey love each other. And Alexander is climbing up to Lilly’s window. And back to “The Creek.” It’s the series finale that Dawson has finally written!

Wow! Ok so this is how it’s going to end. Pacey and Joey are together and Dawson has a meeting with Spielberg and is going to be a big movie director. Jen is actually dead though. This is actually the future, not a possible one that it will snap out of. It’s happening.

Aww, what a beautiful montage of everything that has happened throughout the years.

623 All Good Things…

September 15, 2006

The final double parter episode. Aggghh! This is it. After I have watched these two episodes I will have seen every Dawson’s Creek episode. And indeed have seen them all in chronogical order over my summer break. I also have the uncut DVD and the audio commentary for though. Plus Kevin Williamson is on the audio commentary!

Opening scene – Dawson’s movie? No, some kind of teen soap. Though Dawson was executive producer. Hmm, Joey is old, living in apartment, has a better half. Dawson is some kind of big producer thing. The Creek production company, how cool is that! He is getting married too!

JAck is driving a sports car. And getting pulled over. It’s Doug. He is the sherif of Capeside now. They kissed! Haha, they appear to be dating or something.

The Icehouse is back open and Pacey is the boss! And still having affairs with married women.

Uuuu, Joey is going to be missing Dawson’s wedding? (Is it Dawson’s wedding?). Not cool.

Jack is a teacher! And forcing a kid to read a “gay” poem. Snappy comeback though.

Jack: I didn’t realise poems had a sexual orientation

Aww, Jen has had a baby. She hasn’t seen Jack in a while though.

Oooo, Joey has found a ring.

To clarify, Doug is bisexual.

Aww, Dawson and Joey have the same cars! Joey came to see Dawson! Aww, Gale did a “yay!” Aww, Lily is like a little kid.

Ok, so what’s going on here? Gale is getting married? Dawson I take it isn’t getting married then. It’s all a little confusing.

Grams is still alive! But Cancer is wearing her down slowly.

Jack and Doug are having some major issues with Doug not coming out.

Aww, ok, so The Creek is a hit TV teen drama on the WB (well they were wrong about that future prediction, The WB network is gone) based on Dawson’s indie movie. Dawson has turned up! Jack and Jen are there! Everyone is there!

Why did Pacey have to bring up Eve again? Burry her. Ooo, Abby isn’t a funny topic. Audrey is doing some kind of singing tour as a backing singer.  Andie is becoming a doctor or something.

Wow, so Jen’s boyfriend got her pregnant then left, that’s why she has a baby but no one in her life. Hmm, maybe those painkillers aren’t for Grams, maybe Jen is taking them. Then again, maybe not. Time will tell. Or not tell in which case they really are Grams and Jen isn’t taking them.

Aww, Joey climbed up the ladder and into Dawson’s window again.

Ooo, the husband of the woman Pacey is sleeping with brought a gang to beat him up.

There is unhappyness in the ranks. Dawson wants to make films like Spielberg not a deen soap. Joey doesn’t like her busband. Pacey just got beat up. Jack isn’t happy with his boyfriend. Jen is a single mother. This isn’t the perfect future it appears to be.

Aww, Dawson and Joey are remembering their youth by sharing a bed again. They are in the same positions too, with Dawson spread out, arm behind the pillow while Joey curls away from the center.

Ok, what’s going on? Dawson and Joey getting married? It was a dream. It is Gale’s wedding. Pacey is there, he seems ok though is sporting a big pair of shades, his face seems messed up. Jen is taking the pain killers after all.

Jen collapsed! She is sick according to Grams. It’s a heart problem. She isn’t in a good condition. Jen is dieing :(.

622 Joey Potter And The Capeside Redemption

September 15, 2006

Gah! More narration from Joey! Dawson is crushed, Pacey is once again crashing with Doug, Jen, Grams and Jack are selling all their stuff.

I like the quickly skipping over Eve.

Aww, everyone rallied round. And Dawson is finally on board.

They are filming! Todd is here!

Wow, that girl is Christy! And Pacey didn’t recognise her. Classic.

Aww, Jack, Jen and Grams are leaving.

Aww, they used the same shot as the pilot episode. Where it zooms out from above on Dawson and Joey lying on his bed.

Joey set it Dawson and Pacey’s meeting! Say yes Dawson! He sort of did! Aww, Pacey gave Dawson the money.

Aww, Pacey is working as a cook again.

Aww, Joey is in Paris!!! Or is she? There was the whole “I can’t swear this is exactly how it happened. But this is how it felt.” Is she really there?

621 Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

September 15, 2006

Aww, I feel sorry for Pacey. He was doing so well, now his career is over, he has lost all Dawson’s money.

Dawson has reconstructed his entire room for the movie. This must be a killer for Pacey, Dawson gets all worked up. How can Pacey tell him? Even though he needs to. He isn’t going to tell him. The chance to do it is now Pacey! Do it now!

Jen’s mum has come to Boston! Grams is not too pleased.

Joey is back in Capeside. Aww, Dawson left her a script. The ladder is back! What a beautiful arc. And there is Dawson!

Ooo, now everyone knows Grams has cancer. Moving to New York? That’s crazy talk but looks like it is going to happen.

Pacey has finally told him. This is an interesting situation. I mean, who is right? Dawson did want out. But then Pacey warned him it could go wrong. Joey is trying to keep the peace. That’s not true, I like to think Dawson and Pacey were still best friends. I don’t like them fighting :(.

Aww, Grams has invited Jack to come with her and Jen.

620 Catch-22

September 15, 2006

Pacey is on a date! Haha, Sadia isn’t actually a real name is it though? :p.
Aww, Pacey is giving the speech to the new recruits at the company. I wouldn’t have turned that TV off, it doesn’t have good news. Ok, it might not yet. Ooo, Dawson is thinking of pulling out, not good.

Yay, Joey aced her test!

Eddie wants them to backpack accross Europe!

Hmm, is David right? He is saying similar things to what Toby said.

Ooo, Pacey has lost a lot of money. Worst of all – Dawson’s money.

Aww, Joey got an A-. Bringing her average up so she isn’t going to loose her scholarship. Haha, Hudson found her essay bleak!

Oh dear, Pacey has lost all of his own money as well. Starting a fight with Rich wouldn’t really be a good move but it’s Pacey, it was always going to happen anyway wasn’t it.

Aww, Joey has decided to go. Hmm, a letter. From Eddie. Oh no. He’s gone again.

Aww, Pacey has gone to see Dawson.

619 Lovelines

September 15, 2006

Audrey is back from rehab!

I’m not a massive fan of Jen’s current haircut.

Hmm, so Fred is now in the picture. And looking at Jack. Wow, this show is new material to me! And Joey and Eddie are going to end up on stage. Look at Audrey go, she’s doing the whole hosting thing.

Aww, Joey and Eddie are back on. I’m worried about Jack and David though. Jack really didn’t do anything wrong though. Aww, Jen told CJ.

618 Love Bites

September 13, 2006

Eddie got into school!

Aww, wow, Dawson wants Pacey to invest his money so he has a budget to make his film with.

Pacey: Because I’m your friend – I’m never going to tell anyone that you used the word vibe

Dawson and Pacey are awesome.

This bit is awesome. Gale turns Dawson he needs a backup plan. And Dawson is eventually going to tell her he doesn’t need a backup plan because he is going to make it. That is why Dawson is just like me, we don’t have backup plans because we ARE going to make it (or die trying).

Grams has cancer :(.

617 Sex And Violence

September 13, 2006

Joey working as Pacey’s assistant? Probably a bad idea, don’t mix business with pleasure.

Meanwhile Dawson is pitching his teen movie. It’s not going to end well of course. He turned it down! Go Dawson, even if he is making a big mistake (not that I am saying he definitely is but he could be).

Eddie is back!